Rails vs. Merb

it's my turn to waste my time to say something pointless...

I've done a project translation from rails to merb, fair enough it was quite some time ago, but it was dead easy.

The challenges in doing so were re-writing features of rails that were not available in merb. The reason they aren't there is because that's what merb is about. The reason they are in rails, is because that is what rails is about. I hear Ezra saying stuff close to this often, the only thing that makes me sad is that I have heard him being accused of being two-faced in this regard. I haven't experienced that, but it could be true. I don't even care. I don't use his attitude, I use his software (sometimes). Every time I've spoken to him, he seems like a nice sane individual, as most of the smart folks in both camps are. Also don't forget that every chicken lays bad eggs.

With regard to the reality of the capability of the frameworks at dispatching logic driven content, they're pretty comparable. Sure merb might have a faster top stack, but look at the numbers being touted, and what they're surrounded by. No one's done any render layer optimisation for nearly a year or two now, and you'll still bicker (or advertise) over performance in other (irrelevant) areas...

It seems the entire argument is based around facts that don't matter. The (irrelevant value here)% runtime of the routing engine in a full dispatch. The number of lines of code used to achieve ... erm, what? wait, no, just number of lines..

Here's a "NEW" web "framework" for you:

    #!/usr/bin/env rackup
    run proc { |env| }

Paste is your generator, and your brain is the API documentation. 1 LoC. Rack wins, forever. No wait, that could be shorter...

Lets do it in two lines of sh(1):

    touch config.ru

0 LoC. Literally. Nice error reports, instant startup, no bloat, no excess memory usage, threading support, any ORM you like, any JS you like, total freedom. Go away with your wc(1).

Now, on to ORMs. Sure we're all using one of them (in ruby land), and they're all broken. Right. Concurrency doesn't work correctly in these ORMs, and most application code I see doesn't handle that. Sure, yeah, indexes to solve uniqueness issues, uh huh, fuck off.

Try writing a simple page view counter in AR or DM, and then run 8 processes at high load. See if the counter is accurate. This has been covered soooo many times before, yet it seems that measuring LoC is more important. Way to prove your <maturity | intelligence | arrogance | attention to detail | care | view on reality | scientific accuracy>.

I find myself ending up resorting to the statement "grow up".

P.S. If you're wondering why I don't blog this, it's because neither of these 'camps' or communities has released a decent blogging app in a reasonable code length that can be setup easily on 1.8.7. Wow, these frameworks are SO PRAGMATIC.